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Deurne, a small introduction

We would like to welcome you to our small city in the province Noord-brabant, Deurne. The city roughly counts 30.000 inhabitants and has a surface of 119,02 km2. Deurne has, besides the towncenter of Deurne, a few suburbs with their own town center: Griensveen, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden and Helenaveen. Deurne is situated in the heart of The Netherland’s most beautiful National Parks: ’The Groote Peel’, a unique peat with fens, marshes and thick bush. In the early years, Deurne was a popular place for artists. The masterpieces of many of those artists can be admired just on the streets of Deurne, or at museum ‘De Wiegert’  in Helmond (10 minutes drive). Deurne can proudly call herself the ‘cultural centre of the Peel’.

Events and activities
Deurne is the perfect base for the nature lover, the culinary epicurean and the culture vulture. Please have a look on the activity- and event calendar to explore what Deurne has to offer.

Deurne has a lot of events happening throughout the year. The city organises a lot of activities and events for both young and old. Plein Vijf is often used as venue, thanks to the great location on the market. Please have a look at the VVV-calendar.