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Activities in Deurne

Here you will find all tips for activities in and around Deurne. We recommend you to follow our Facebook page *It’s Dutch though .. * and our instagram account for up to date tips and information.


Culinairy surprise

This part of the Netherlands is well known for its Burgundian lifestyle. Enjoying good food and wine is important for us, and this what we like to share with all our visitors. Our Brasserie is a very good starting point for your culinary journey though Brabant.

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Cycling and walking

Deurne en its surroundings is a cyclers and walkers paradise. There are many routes trought beautiful nature and small idilic towns, which are available at our front-desk. We assure you a beautiful day outdoors! Many of our staff are born and raised in this part of the country and are more than happy to share […]

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Art and culture

Why not visit a gallery, the ateliers or the museums in Deurne. You can learn more about the many marks that artists have left all over The Peel in one of the many libraries. Visit one of the many expositions in the art galleries and exhibition halls or enjoy the music, theater and film of […]

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The municipality of Deurne has 6 different idyllic town centres, with the town centre of Deurne as the larges of 6. You will find many bookshops, boutiques, coffee shops and jewellers when you walk around town. If you prefer a somewhat bigger city centre, we advise you to visit Eindhoven. Eindhoven is easy accessible by […]

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