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Our town, Deurne

You can find boutique hotel brasserie Plein Vijf on the market of Deurne, a town with an urban allure in the province of North-Brabant. Deurne is the perfect base for nature lovers, food lovers, culture lovers and rest seekers. it has something for everyone. Please have a look at our activity page for some suggestions, or check out the event calandar to explore the events in and around Deurne.


Deurne, a small introduction We would like to welcome you to our small city in the province Noord-brabant, Deurne. The city roughly counts 30.000 inhabitants and has a surface of 119,02 km2. Deurne has, besides the towncenter of Deurne, a few suburbs with their own town center: Griensveen, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden and Helenaveen. Deurne is […]

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Activities in Deurne Here you will find all tips for activities in and around Deurne. We recommend you to follow our Facebook page *It’s Dutch though .. * and our instagram account for up to date tips and information.  

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